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Tips For Trips To Tanzania Safari Tours

As a travel agent and above all as a connoisseur and in love with the whole Tanzania safari tours area having lived there for 10 years from 85 to 94 working on safaris, I would like to give you some guidelines when choosing a good itinerary and practical information for your safari to Tanzania.

First of all the destination is impressive, I can assure you that this trip you will always remember with great affection for everything, the landscapes, the fauna, its people and how well prepared everything is, if you add a few days to this either On the beach of Zanzibar, island to Mauritius or Seychelles you have the perfect trip, be it a honeymoon or your annual vacation.

The itinerary will depend on your budget, but normally it lasts 15 days, a week of safari and 5 days on the beach.

There are 2 types of small group safari with a maximum of 7 people per vehicle, this type of safari is cheaper and with a fixed itinerary where we cannot change anything, it is the most used modality and it is also fun to meet people. The safari is always with a local Spanish-speaking guide.

The other way is in private , with the vehicle and guide only for you, this is very good if you want a tailor-made itinerary, which is more complete and with the possibility of choosing accommodation according to the tastes of the client, for example on a trip of wedding couple with a good budget is ideal Tanzania safari tours or if you travel a group of friends or family.

Tanzania Safari Tours

For me this would be an ideal itinerary

Day 1 Flight to Kilimanjaro or Nairobi (if there is a better offer in price) and sleep in Arusha. A tip the longer you book the flights, the better price you will have.

Day 2 Lake Manyara NP: This park is an introduction to what we are going to find, this park houses Tanzania safari tours many ecosystems in one place. The part of the lake with its fauna of hippos and a multitude of birds makes it very complete, the interior we have a very curious mixture, typically African acacia savanna with tropical forest of tall trees and baobabs scattered everywhere, beautiful, all this with everything type of fauna in the surroundings and with luck, the climbing lions of Manyara.

Day 2 and 3 Serengeti NP: One of the last wild borders on the planet, a huge region where only animals live. This park communicates with the Masai Mara in Kenya to the north and is really enormously differentiated in the north, central and south, here the greatest animal migration in the world occurs every year between February and June and something to see at least once in a lifetime, it is a paradise.

Day 4 and 5 The Ngorognoro Crater: As soon as you reach the edge of the crater, the landscape overwhelms with a drop of about 600 meters and 30 kms in caldera diameter, rain forest on its edge, savanna at the bottom of the crater with its own lake And of course, a multitude of animals, it's like a kind of natural Tanzania safari tours Noah's Ark, it's just incredible.

Day 6 PN de Tarangire: This park is a very pleasant surprise, it is not well known but it is really worth it. Its landscape is unique, a savanna full of Baobab trees and especially with many herds of elephants that makes it special. In addition to elephants we fear all kinds of fauna distributed in the park, it is a delight.

Extension to the beach: We have several options and I am going to name them in order of cost from lowest to highest, first the beaches of Zanzibar, a beautiful Tanzania safari tours island with many possibilities for excursions, the old town of Zanzibar, snorkeling, seeing the interior of the island. Mauritius, excellent hotels, beaches and a beautiful interior. Seychelles is the most expensive and exclusive, dream beaches and luxury hotels. These last two would be a little more uncomfortable when needing to move to Nairobi to take the flight.

Visit southern Tanzania: This is the unknown but very attractive part of Tanzania safari tours, intended for people who repeat in the country or who want a different tour. Here we have the Ruaha, Mikumi and Selous parks .

Practical tips

Costs: a safari is expensive for many reasons, the cost of entrance to the parks is expensive, it involves a vehicle with its maintenance in harsh conditions and the fuel and driver and guide. The accommodation is remote and full board, which means that the hotels organize all the food. All this makes it a bit expensive but… it is worth it.

Climate: any time is good, Tanzania is a paradise in terms of climate since being located on the equator and the national parks has an average altitude of 1500 ms, this softens the climate and you will have for the 27th day and for the night can refresh up to 13º. Even in the rainy season, this is not a problem since it rains at night and the day is sunny.

Vaccines: For Tanzania safari tours the yellow fever vaccine is necessary and you can get it at the international vaccination center, In the coastal areas of Zanzibar it is recommended to take anti-malaria pills, your GP can prescribe it for you. Regarding mosquito bites, as the climate is rather dry, in Tanzania there are not so many insects. During the day you can go dressed normally and in shorts if you want, the mosquitoes come out at sunset. From that moment on, spray yourself with repellent and cover your legs. There is a mosquito net in the rooms.

Clothing: Comfortable clothing throughout the trip. During the safaris in sportswear and at night that is cooler you can go a little more groomed but all very informal. At night it can cool up to 12 degrees, it is good to bring a jacket or fleece. Sports shoes, there is no need for 'hiking' boots. On the beach, comfortable or casual clothing if you prefer.

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